This MONSOON learn what it takes to keep your skin looking at its best

Here comes Monsoon after hot summer days, we feel relieved to see raindrops.Monsoon has arrived with the shower bringing joy and happiness for everyone.Every drop make the nature so beautiful and bright ,but what else they bring with them with the relief from scrocthing summer is a whole new set of problems for your skin.

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Is your skin is behaving strange these days? What you are doing to keep your skin clean and healthy ?Now you will think is it possible to get rid of skin problems and go out with a sparkling glow on face.!Then the answer to your question is Yes..!! of-course you can get fabulous skin during rain too.But before that I want you to make aware of the reason behind the skin problems.
  • High humidity during rain don't  allow your skin to breathe and helps dust particles to stick to skin more.
  • High acid content of the first showers of rain, cause further damage to skin and hair.The rain showers bring with it a lot of pollutants. If this touches your skin then it causes a lot of skin problems. 
You can manage to keep your skin problem away just by following some simple tips and a regular skin care regime.

A daily regime for skin care in monsoons:

Truth of the monsoon is that the moisture in the air does not transform into the moisture into the skin and hence skin commonly suffers from dehydration. Here are certain tips to ensure you enjoy a radiant glowing skin in monsoons as well:

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1. Cleansing :  Chemicals and pollutants in the rain water is harmful for the skin  and thus proper cleansing is  very important  in monsoons.Before you go to bed,first cleanse your face and after whole day spending out when you come back then don't forget to remove your make-up with either of two (make-up remover or milk cleanser).Washing the impurities away from our skin allows it to breathe.
Non soapy face wash to be used for deep cleansing. Clean the skin 3 – 4 times a day, which helps your pores to breath and get cleanse.

2. Toning: After cleansing your face with cleanser ,the next step is toning.In the market variety of toner are available
    Tips On Skin Care in Monsoon,Skin care during monsoons, Skin Care tips for the monsoons, skin care tips for the rains, Skin Remedies, Skincare tips for the monsoon,Beauty and Makeup Tips For Monsoon, Monsoon Makeup Tips, Monsoon Skincare Tips
  • A good anti-bacterial toner will go a long way to prevent skin infections and eruptions. 
  • Non alcoholic toner must be used to avoid skin eruption and infection as to avoid pimples.
  • For those who have  very dry skins should stay away from toners or use very mild toners. It works well for oily and acne prone skin
There is ease in applying if you use a cotton bud and just dab the product on the skin. Toning should be done by morning or night. 

  3.  Moisturising : Moisturising in the rains is as important as it is in summer.Monsoons can mean a de-moisturising effect on dry skin and an over-hydrating effect on oily skin.The skin Moisturiser should be used according to your skin type.Applying suns cream before 30 mins you step out your home will act  as shield and protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Use a non-water based moisturiser  if you happen to get wet often. Otherwise a water- based moisturiser will do. 
  • Remember that even if you have an oily skin, you must use a thin film of water based lotion on skin at night. However oily skins can avoid this product in day.
  4. Keep dry : Try to keep the hair and body dry especially after its been wet in rainwater. 
  •  Don’t tie wet hair as it will lead to lice as well as fungal infections. Even on the body, various organisms flourish in moist and humid weather. 
  • Have a water bath if you have got wet in the rain water. When you are out, keep some tissues/ absorbent towel with you to wipe the excess rain water. A dusting powder used on the body folds is also a good option. 
  5. Scrubbing : Scrub gently twice to ex-foliate the dead skin and let the skin get suppler. So get ready for exciting monsoon knocking your door.
Well these were for your your healthy skin ,now  for you here is the check list you must have with you   while you are out in rain this season :
    Tips On Skin Care in Monsoon,Skin care during monsoons, Skin Care tips for the monsoons, skin care tips for the rains, Skin Remedies, Skincare tips for the monsoon
  1. Avoid use leather handbags. Use water resistant stuff
  2. Water resistant make up stuff especially a loose powder, transfer resistant lipstick and eye liner
  3. Water resistant sunscreen of SPF > 20
  4. A small mirror and hair brush
  5. Pocket mini hair dryer
  6. Wet wipes for skin cleansing
  7. Small foldable umbrella
  8. A folded plastic bag
  9. Perfume / deodorant
  10. Anti frizz hair spray
  11. Hand towel
  12. Spare battery for your mobile

                                         Enjoy your monsoon season to the fullest Stay happy Stay healthy <3

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