Aamante del café like me ? The best companion in every morning for me is a cup of coffee and its benefits goes beyond boost of energy. Add this ingredient to your skin care routine and see the difference, you will be amazed by the result how your under eye circle, puffy eyes ,redness diminishes and your complexion improve.

DIY Coffee Face Mask You Can Try

There are many variations in coffee masks but the face mask I am going to share with you all is the face mask which is ideal for all skin types and effectively repair and rejuvenates skin. Making it is also easy and inexpensive. This classic coffee face mask will inject life into your dull and tired complexion. It will also tighten  up your skin and will reveal more youthful you.

What all you will need

1.      Half a cup of coffee beans, ground
2.      Half a cup of unsweetened cocoa powder
3.      One cup unsweetened whole or almond milk
4.      One tablespoon lemon juice or olive/almond oil for dry skin
5.      One tablespoon honey and additional lemon juice for oily skin

Ingredients for Coffee Mask,honey,grounded coffee,milk,lemon juice,cocoa powder,DIY face mask,coffee mask for soft and smooth skin,benefits of coffee for skinBenefits of the Ingredients

1. Coffee Beans : Reduces inflammation and redness, and the appearance of under eye circles. It also removes dead skin.
2.  Cocoa Powder : Cocoa Powder is a  good source of antioxidants and it repairs damage caused due to free radicals and  environmental pollutants. It contains high levels of sulfur which is great ingredient for fighting acne
3.  Honey: A natural ingredient that retains moisturizer .
4. Lemon Juice : Contains natural vitamin C which tends to lighten, brighten and tighten your skin.
5. Milk : Lactic acid and amino acid in milk helps in keeping skin hydrated and  give healthy glow. Lactic acid exfoliates while natural enzymes helps to smoothen skin. 

1. Mix grounded coffee with cocoa powder and pour milk into this mixture, 
2.  Mix it  well until it turns into a thick paste. 
3.  Gently fold in lemon juice and honey.
4. Now your pack is ready. Apply the mask on your face in a circular motion for 1-2 min ,this will exfoliate your skin.
5.  Let the mask set for 20 minutes. And if left with the excess mask you can keep it in refrigerator for  up to three days.
6.   After your pack dries ,rinse your face by clear water.

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Try it girls and share your experience with us in comment section below.For any further information on any beauty issues contact us and for more such updates on fashion,styling,latest trendz and beauty tips stay in touch with TRENDZ ALERT