Live life to the fullest,make a difference along way.

Each one of us has very hectic schedule ,either it be first day of the week when you rush to your office after a not so relaxing weekend or it may be the holiday itself. You wake up, get ready for work, skip breakfast or eat a hurried breakfast, rush to your work, get back home ,dinner time and go to bed and again next day the same routine. Wait!! No really I want to ask you "Is this is your so called happening life?" No..Big NO Surviving is the word for what we are doing in our lives, we are not enjoying the beauty of the very first light which enters our bedroom neither we have enough time to just sit under the open sky and look at the stars shining in the sky. 

You have got this life once, days which you have are numbered. You should stop saying things like when I'll get into new job, when I'll get married, when I'll get into college, when my kids will get into school, when my kids will get job and many more when..then I'll...Just stop literally quit this habit now because you never know what happen the very next moment.

Start living your life, start embracing it, appreciate what you have and make every day of your life a memorable day, so that when you look back someday you cherish memories you built in your beautiful life.

Live life to the fullest and make a difference to in your and life of people around you. Nobody in this world have time to die. but this could happen anytime to anybody. Take out some time for yourself and look at your wife ,your husband, your kids, your brownie, your friends your parents, for you it will be hard to remember when was the last time you went on dinner with them, the last time you gave her or him any compliment, when you had time for playing with your kids, when was the last time you held your mother's hand and head down on her lap..?

Time is precious, so make most of every moment.

Tough task for you..isn't it? We touch many lives. Take out some time for your wife and tell her that you love her when you leave house, because today might be the final day. You may not have tomorrow to make up for all the things that you fail to get done today. Time is precious, so make most of every moment.This will enable you  to live fully in your  relationship, work and joys.

Plan adventure and get refreshed.

When you feel stuck in the monotonous life, plan for an adventure trip, go with your friends or family and explore the beauty of new place, away from your nosy neighbour ,your annoying boss ,away from all hassle , meet your inner self..feel the peace..These are the moments we recount on. These trips come with great laughter and restored youth. Live life to the fullest so that the future feels possible.

Dream and make it come true. 

Life cannot be complete without any dreams, yes you heard it right I said Dreams. Decide what you want to achieve in your life ,decide your dream which when accomplished will give you immense happiness and create a plan for getting to your dream. It will take time but it will come true. Take small steps at a time and never ever give up on your dreams. work to achieve what you have decided in your life. Do not sit back and plan, instead plan and work for it to make it  happen. You got one life, do it not  wait for tomorrow ,may be tomorrow will  not come for you. 

Life is short. Start living.